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26 Dec

Carbon Filters For All Odors

Of all the senses we have our sense of smell is the most acute. We can detect a foul odor from a distance and it becomes unpleasant to be in the same location from where the odor is emanating.  We immediately try to find the source of the odor and remove it if possible. In addition will usually spray the area with some type of aerosol material designed to mask the airborne odor.

For odors and gases that are prevalent all of the time a more permanent solution is usually required. Activated carbon or granular activated carbon is the commonly used media to remove or significantly reduce airborne odors and gaseous pollutants from over 400 different organic or inorganic compounds.

D-Mark Inc. has been making granular activated carbon products and filters since 1970 and today produces a wide range of carbon and other adsorptive compounds for the removal and reduction of pollutants.

These carbon filters can be used in conjunction with standard HVAC systems or in stand-alone fan powered housings specifically designed for any application. These systems can be created to remove up to 100% of the gases for long periods of time between filter changes. This is important in applications where the gaseous pollutant is harmful or toxic.

D-Mark, Inc. has been making granular activated carbon filters since 1970 and after almost 48 years they are now one of the premier U.S. based companies that offer a wide range of carbon filters for applications in the residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and medical markets.

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17 Dec

D Mark Inc. An American Success Story

Started in 1970 by Jay Kasmark, D-Mark, Inc. makes a  non-sexy line of products made from granular activated carbon, or GAC. These commercial grade odor and gasious pollutant removal filers are used in a wide variety of applications. Up to 400 different organic and inorganic compounds in fact.

We are all familiar with small companies that grew and then were purchased or absorbed into a larger corporation and became just another victim to Corporate growth and acquisition. D-Mark is not one of them.

Make no mistake, making Carbon is a dirty business. There are few, if any, companies in today’s Technology Rich environment that want to engage in this process and there are very few people left who understand how to apply this product for the wide variety of applications.

D-Mark is, in essence, the quintessential American Success story in that the company is still owned and operated by its founder, Jay Kasmark, and continues to grow even at this stage of its existence. In fact, D-Mark just moved into a new 50,000 sq. ft. facility as it had outgrown its original building in Chesterfield, MI. Most companies at this stage of their lives look to stay in their own back yard and not spend more money on a newer facility.

D-Mark is a niche company. They have only a few competitors in North America and many of its bigger competitors dropped out of the market due to its aging technology. However, the demand for the carbon based filter products is growing so D-Mark has more business than ever before and is adding more equipment to enable them to meet the demands of the market.

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15 Oct

D-Mark, Inc. New Manufacturing Facilities

D-Mark, Inc, began its journey over 47 years ago residing in the same location in Chesterfield, MI. Their impressive growth over the past 10 years forced them to look for a larger facility that was available and would fit into their plant operations profile.

In September D-Mark, Inc made the move to Mt. Clemens, MI. about 5 miles from their old home in Chesterfield, MI.

The larger facility will allow them to expand their production output and provide for the development of more, new products within the granular activated carbon product base. They coordinated the move extremely well with their suppliers and were able to keep their same shipping schedules for their customers during the move.

D-Mark, Inc. continues to offer the highest quality carbon based filtration filters and components keeping their “customer first” motto always in hand.

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13 Aug

D-Mark Incorporated

Started in 1970 by Jay Kasmark, D-Mark , Inc. is a highly successful US based manufacturing operation that continues to grow in a market that most would consider old world manufacturing rather than new technology based manufacturing.

D-Mark produces a wide line of carbon based products that are used for the removal of odors and gaseous pollutants from over 400 different organic and inorganic materials. They have pioneered the use of granular activated carbon in a  filter material that allows for a very high capacity of carbon particles for the adsorption of these gases.

D-Mark recently moved from their original facility Chesterfield, Michigan to their new facility in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  They added over 20,000 sq. ft. of space to accommodate their manufacturing expansion programs and provide even better service for their ever-growing customer base.

D-Mark holds a number of patents for their product line. This includes their CarbonWeb materials and OdorGuard products. These two product types represent the bulk of the wide variety of carbon based filters produced by D-Mark, Inc.

One of the other reasons for D-Mark’s success is their highly experienced and well trained technical sales staff. Most of the employees at D-Mark have been there for over 20 years and with that longevity brings a massive amount of experience  in applying D-Marks carbon filters to any type of challenging application.

D-Mark also has a new website that allows customers and individuals to learn more about the product line and the use of Carbon as an adsorption medium as well as providing an on-line store to purchase most of their products right from their website.

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16 Jul

Carbon Filters and 3D Printers

The use of 3D Printers has exploded over the past 5 years with the majority of those in the educational, home and small business environments being of the FDM or FFF type. These 3D Printers use a spool of filament that is made from a wide range of materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, Wood, Metal, Flexible, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber to name a few.

Some of these materials such as ABS and ABS/Polycarbonate will off- gas fumes when they are heated to their printing temperatures of 240 degrees  C and higher. ( which is over 430 degrees F). These gases produced from the Styrene portion of the material can be harmful when inhaled in large quantities or over long periods of time.

The manufacturers of ABS filament recommend that the materials be used in a well ventilated area or within an enclosure using Carbon or some other adsorptive media to remove the gaseous pollutants.

D-Mark, Inc. has been manufacturing Carbon filters since 1970 and produces small, compact carbon filters for 3D Printer enclosures. One of them is made by LiteWorld LLC based out of Florida. ( ) These small CarbonWeb filters remove the odors and gases from the printers using a small fan to pull the air from the enclosure both keeping the air in the surrounding environment safe and the 3D printer clean. The use of the enclosure also aids in the printing process when printing materials that are affected by cold air hitting the build platform during the 3D Printing operation.

D-Mark makes a wide variety of Carbon medial and other adsorptive materials for the commercial, institutional, industrial, medical and residential markets.  47 years of experience has put them in a league of their own. They are currently moving to a new location as they have out grown their production space.

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08 Jul

D-Mark Inc Is Moving

After 47 years in business in the same building, D-Mark, Inc. has out grown its facilities and located a larger building only 5 miles from it’s original location.  This move will enable D-Mark to continue its excellent customer service reputation and make more products available in a shorter period of time. Please click on the “We Are Moving 06 12 1

WE ARE MOVING 06 12 17

OdorGuard Plus Rigid Cell Filter - With Header

D-Mark is pleased to know that this move was made possible by the continued business of its strong customer base and has decided to make this significant investment in time and dollars to continue to be your supplier for all things Carbon.

D-Mark Inc is moving into a facility that is 40% larger than the original building which will provide for storage of more raw materials as well as a larger inventory of finished goods.

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21 Jun

Intelligent Design

There are many things that are found on our earth that we use every day but don’t realize they are natural part of our planets makeup. Coal, oil, helium, phosphates, rubber, cocoa, metals, water, sand, earth, etc, etc. The word man-made is really not completely accurate. Yes we make energy by burning coal but the coal is a natural part of our planet’s composition and the water has been here since the planet was formed. These two easily found natural components allow us to make electricity.

D-Mark, Inc. is a company founded in 1970 that uses cocoa nut shell based granular activated carbon for removal of orders and gases. This intelligent design of using a food source shell for commercial applications is another way we incorporate the natural state in our daily lives.

The use of coal or charcoal or carbon ( all basically the same thing ) for purposes of odor and gaseous pollutant removal has been around since the turn of the century. In 1970 when D-Mark opened their doors. The use of carbon in the industrial market had grown significantly. Not only for removal of airborne gases but also for water purification which is still a large part of the usage for carbon.

Today, D-Mark makes granular activated carbon for residential, commercial, institutional, medical, industrial and military applications. They offer their product in a number of product designs and now offer all their products on their website. This allows individuals to learn more about the background of how D-Mark grew over the past 47 years but also the fact that they can now help remove odors from over 400 organic and inorganic materials.

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21 May

The Carbon Filter Specialists

D-Mark, Inc. has been in business selling carbon based products since 1970. Using granular activated carbon as their main component, D-Mark has grown from offering a few different types of filters to an entire product line that includes carbon based filters for the residential, commercial , institutional, industrial and medical markets.

“The Carbon Filter Specialists” has been the tag line for D-Mark since their inception. When they opened their doors in 1970 there were a large number of companies that also made carbon filter medias for a wide range of applications. Over the past 47 years D-Mark has grown while many of the other competitors have closed their doors or left the market.

Today, D-Mark has a major position in the unique area of offering carbon adsorption systems and filters and can now handle over 400 different types of organic and inorganic gases and odors. Their product line has expanded with the addition of their CarbonWeb and OdorGuard patented products which are now one of the more popular lines of carbon filters in the U.S.

In order to continue to provide the type of excellent products and service to their growing client base D-Mark is moving to a new building that is 40% larger than their existing facility. That move should be completed this year and with that the opportunity for them to do more R&D and again expand their product line to better serve their customers.

Tag lines are meant to be synonymous with the companies ability to live up to that statement. Often times that doesn’t happen, but The Carbon Filter Specialists tag line is and always has been true to the core of the operation of D-Mark.  In a day when things are changing almost over night and new technologies are supplanting existing ones, it is nice to know that some companies still consider customer service as their main reason for being in business.

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14 May

We Are Carbon

Roughly 96 percent of the mass of the human body is made up of just four elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, with a lot of that in the form of water. The remaining 4 percent is a sparse sampling of the periodic table of elements.Apr 16, 2009

It would be impossible for life on earth to exist without carbon. Carbon is the main component of sugars, proteins, fats, DNA, muscle tissue, pretty much everything in your body. The reason carbon is so special is down to the electron configuration of the individual atoms. Electrons exist in concentric ‘shells’ around the central nucleus and carbon has four electrons in its outermost shell. As the most stable thing for an atom to have is eight electrons, this means that each carbon can form four bonds with surrounding atoms.

As well as being the only element in organic matter, Carbon atoms are the only element in both graphite and diamond. This is one reason scientists are concerned about things like the ozone layer. Ozone attacks carbon which makes it very dangerous for us humans.

D-Mark, Inc. a Michigan based company, manufactures carbon based filtration systems for the adsorption of odors and gasesous pollutants. One of the reasons carbon or granular activated carbon is used for these applications is the ability of carbon to be expanded under high temperatures. This expansion provides for a very high surface area with thousands of openings per square inch that act like a sponge to attract and retain these harmful gaseous molecules.

Once the carbon is full it can be heated to high temperatures ( above 800 degrees F ) and the captures gases will be burned off. The carbon can again be used to capture more gasesous pollutants.

Graphene is another part of Carbon and is now being developed for the 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing industry to make materials that are 10 times stronger than steel, conductive and flexible. Carbon is friend. We are Carbon.

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07 May

Carbon Face Mask

OdorGuard Pads

Recently, I noticed that some of the companies in the Make-Up industry have been selling charcoal or carbon material that is applied to your face like a paste designed to pull dirt and other materials from your skin.  They call it a Carbon Face Mask.

Carbon based compounds for application to the body have been around for a number of years. Back in the 50’s you could be a material called Black Salve that would pull a sliver out from under your skin when left on over night. It had the ability to pull stingers from Bees from your skin as well as other materials.

Carbon materials like granular activated Carbon used by companies such as D-Mark, Inc. based in Michigan, are commonly used to remove molecules of airborne gaseous pollutants, from both organic and inorganic sources.  Carbon has a very high surface area and is one of the best known substances for the purposes of removal of a wide variety of contaminants.

I have spoken with some women that have tried the Carbon Face Mask and they tell me it feels like someone is pulling on their skin. This is, in fact, somewhat true as the moisture in the carbon dries out it clinks to the surface of your face and like the Black Salve mentioned earlier, it will draw moisture and anything in the pores of your skin to the surface.

It it yet to be determined if this is a fad or a real treatment women and men alike may use on a regular basis. However, other derivatives of carbon such as carbide and graphene are now used in a number of materials in areas such as 3D Printing ( additive mfg) and the list continues to grow.

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