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23 Nov

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

For many people living in the Northern states Winter will soon be here and with it comes cold temperatures and the opportunity to light up the fire place that has been sitting idle for most of the year.

While many people burn some special logs that keep the chimney from building up layers of carbon, most people burn various types of wood. Wood that smell good indoors but creates a significant odor outdoors.

When the air is cold smoke does not rise well into the air above the chimney exhaust area. In fact, it tends to stay low and even settle down to ground level. When you run the furnace in your home, the HVAC system that is supposed to balanced so the house is not under negative pressure is more often than not, correct. So when the furnace fires up the house draws in air from the outside.

If you live next to a person who uses their fireplace then you may be sharing their smoke in your home and the odor is not pleasant. You can remove some of the odor when this happens by putting in a combination carbon/air filter from D-Mark Inc.  These Ring-Panel filters are effective at both removing airborne particulate as well as odors and gaseous pollutants.

D-Mark, Inc. has been making granular activated carbon products since 1970 and has filters to sized to fit any force air ducted heating/cooling system on the market.  These filters have a very large amount of carbon per sq. inch of filter media making them a very effective tool to remove that odor in your home when smoke gets in your eyes.

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