Pleated Filters


pleated-filters-viewsNo matter what the reason, when indoor air smells bad, people are not very happy about it. Bad air is unpleasant, distracting and potentially unhealthy. OdorGuard Filters from D-Mark ® can help. Their outer polyester layer removes particulars from indoor air just like conventional HVAC filters.

OdorGuard ® filters utilize 60% granular activated carbon for general odor removal. OdorGuard Plus contain equal volumes of 60% gac and activated alumina impregnated with 5% potassium permanganate to remove odors and light gasses. Both products provide a fresher, more odor-free environment.

IAQ problems are unpredictable. They apear suddenly and can be one-time occurrence, or crop up periodically. In either event, making changes in the air handling system to deal with them is neither timely nor cost effective.

OdorGuard and OdorGuard Plus Panel filters offer a fast and effective solution. Both product lines are interchangeable with conventional HVAC filters, available for light, medium or heavy duty applications, in standard and specials sizes, and 1″ and 2″ thickness. To find out more information please contact D-Mark customer service and describe your odor control challenge.

D-Mark Air Filtration Products are made with CarbonWeb Filter Media. Using a patented process, media for general odor control is loaded with granular activated carbon. Media for the control of light gases is loaded with other types of absorbents, either alone or in combination with granular activated carbon. The result is high-efficiency filtration for a variety of odor control challenges.

  • Interchangeable with and/or replace existing HVAC filters
  • Patented, flexible CarbonWeb media adsorbs odors, pollutants; light gases
  • 60% activity gac or equal volumes of 605 gac and activated alumina impregnate with 5% potassium permanganate
  • Standard and special sizes in 1″, 2″, and 4″ thickness
  • Low air resistant disposable for light, medium, or heavy duty applications
  • Packaged in polyethylene to preserve capacity and cleanliness
  • UL Tested: Class 2 approved

Pleated inserts for both OdorGuard and OdorGuard Plus are available.

Product Carbon Wt. in Grams 50/50 Wt. in Grams Nominal Thickness 300FPM IR 500FPM IR Average Arrestance @500FPM MERV Rating Particulate Capacity Final Resistance
OGCXC-01-100 100 125 1″ .21 .41 75%+ 7 98 1.5
OGCXC-02-200 200 250 2″ .16 .36 75%+ 7 141 1.5
OGCXC-04-300 300 375 4″ .15 .30 75%+ 7 287 1.5
Light Loadings
OGCXC-01-025 25 N/A 1″ .14 .32 75%+ 6 58 1.5
OGCXC-02-050 50 N/A 2″ .14 .30 75%+ 6 72 1.5
OGCXC-04-100 100 N/A 4″ .15 .36 75%+ 6 138 1.5

Data in accord with ANSI/ASHRAE 52.1 – 1992 and 52.2 test method.
Variations will occur during production, therefore this data should only be used as a guide.
D-Mark has a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to make changes in designs and specifications without notice.



  • Offices, Retail and Commercial Buildings
  • Apartment and Lodging Complexes
  • Industrial Plant Offices, Laboratories, and Work Areas
  • Industrial Buildings, Offices, Classrooms
  • Disaster Remediation and Restoration
  • Residential Air Quality Problems

OdorGuard Plus

  • Hospitals, Convalescent Homes, Veterinarians
  • Libraries, Laboratories, Wastewater Treatment
  • Paper Mills, Chemical and Food Processing
  • Mortuaries, Morgues, Embalmers
  • Off-Gassing from Floor Coverings, Laminate Adhesives
  • Pet Stores, Beauty Shops