CarbonWeb Rolls


CW_color_rollCarbonWeb ® is an efficient, carbon filled filter media that provides low resistance and a high capacity. Its gas phase, 60% activity granular activated carbon has nearly five million square feet of surface area per pound, and is designed to remove odors and gaseous pollution from air. Offered in a variety of sizes and thickness, CarbonWeb media can be used to create your own filter design, or customized by D- Mark ® to your filter specifications. In blank or roll form, it is especially efficient for solving or preventing on-site emergency air quality problems. Whatever the application, the use of CarbonWeb media results in fresher, more odor-free indoor air.

D-Mark Air Filtration Products are made with CarbonWeb Filter Media. Using a patented process, media for general odor control is loaded with granular activated carbon. Media for the control of light gases is loaded with other types of absorbents, either alone or in combination with granular activated carbon. The result is high-efficiency filtration for a variety of odor control challenges.

  • Patented, flexible CarbonWeb media “adsorbs” odors and pollutants – carbon will not settle.
  • UL Tested: Class 2 approved
  • Low air resistance, non-bypass, disposable media offered in capacities for light, moderate, or heavy duty air filtration.
  • Offered in pads, die-cut beverage board frames, ring panels and metal frames.
  • Available in custom sizes, with or without pre-filters, agter-filters or gasketing.
  • Rolls are stocked in standard widths up to 30″. Custom widths are also available.
  • Pads are cut to size.
  • Light/medium duty media is available with white polyester pre-filter and/or trimmable expanded metal (64% open) adhered to non-loaded side**.
  • Packaged in polyethylene to preserve capacity and cleanliness.

*Roll and blanket dimensions are all +1/4″.
**CarbonWeb CW 90 media is not available with either a backing or a pre-filter.

Product Wt. in Grams Sq. Foot Wt. in Grams Sq. Meter Nominal Thickness Roll Length Blankets Pads/Flamed Prefilter Backing
Light/Medium CW 15 15 160 1/4″ 100′
Light/Medium CW 25 25 265 1/4″ 100′
Light/Medium CW 45 45 485 3/8″ 100′
Light/Medium CW 90 90 970 3/8″ 50′
Heavy Duty CW 300 300 3225 3/4″, 1″
Heavy Duty CW 600 600 6450 2″
Heavy Duty CW 900 900 9675 3″
Heavy Duty CW 1200 1200 12900 4″



  • HVAC pleats for Commercial, Industrial, or Residential installations.
  • Electronic and/or mechanical air cleaners.
  • Appliances: Ductless Range Hoods and Bath fans, and OTR (over the range) microwave ovens.
Custom HVAC Filtration
  • Remodeling/Construction: Floorcovering, Laminate Adhesives
  • Non-standard Air Handling Systems
  • Building Remediation and Restoration After Natural Disasters
  • Air intake Covering to Filter Roofing and Other Construction Fumes or Odor During Maintenance or Remodeling
  • Emergency IAQ Standby
  • Ductless Range Hoods, OTR Microwaves
  • Ductless Bath Fans
  • Electronic and Mechanical Air Cleaners
  • Fume Hoods