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20 Dec

Opening Act Number 47

Some Broadway shows run for years and often they are revised long after their first run. Some companies operate for a long time only to have their life span shortened by competition. It is a very challenging process to stay successful for a long period of time. You need to be aware very aware of your customers needs and be ahead of the curve in coming out with the right product at the right time.

D-Mark Inc, has been wowing their audience for over 47 years. That’s a long time to stay in the lime light. It is a credit to their ability to make their customers happy for this long that puts D-Mark in the spot light.

Making carbon filters is not a business that garners a lot of attention, yet their ability tocreate new products and continue to excel in product performance is what separates D-Mark from the competition.

D-Mark offers a complete line of activated granular carbon filters for over 400 different odors and gases. These are designed for the residential, commercial, institutional, medical, industrial and residential applications.

They have the ability to make special size filters to fit any application and their experienced technicians can solve any gaseous pollution problem no matter how challenging or difficult. D-Mark also has the ability to mix their carbon blend with other materials to create a catalytic/carbon mix to meet any serious chemical odor or gas problem.

D-Mark has even developed new products to meet the demands of the newer, high-tech operations that are producing materials creating new gaseous pollutants challenges for the D-Mark engineers.

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