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13 Aug

D-Mark Incorporated

Started in 1970 by Jay Kasmark, D-Mark , Inc. is a highly successful US based manufacturing operation that continues to grow in a market that most would consider old world manufacturing rather than new technology based manufacturing.

D-Mark produces a wide line of carbon based products that are used for the removal of odors and gaseous pollutants from over 400 different organic and inorganic materials. They have pioneered the use of granular activated carbon in a  filter material that allows for a very high capacity of carbon particles for the adsorption of these gases.

D-Mark recently moved from their original facility Chesterfield, Michigan to their new facility in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  They added over 20,000 sq. ft. of space to accommodate their manufacturing expansion programs and provide even better service for their ever-growing customer base.

D-Mark holds a number of patents for their product line. This includes their CarbonWeb materials and OdorGuard products. These two product types represent the bulk of the wide variety of carbon based filters produced by D-Mark, Inc.

One of the other reasons for D-Mark’s success is their highly experienced and well trained technical sales staff. Most of the employees at D-Mark have been there for over 20 years and with that longevity brings a massive amount of experience  in applying D-Marks carbon filters to any type of challenging application.

D-Mark also has a new website that allows customers and individuals to learn more about the product line and the use of Carbon as an adsorption medium as well as providing an on-line store to purchase most of their products right from their website.

For more information about D-Mark’s complete product line please go to our website at: or call us toll-free at: 800-343-3610.