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15 Oct

D-Mark, Inc. New Manufacturing Facilities

D-Mark, Inc, began its journey over 47 years ago residing in the same location in Chesterfield, MI. Their impressive growth over the past 10 years forced them to look for a larger facility that was available and would fit into their plant operations profile.

In September D-Mark, Inc made the move to Mt. Clemens, MI. about 5 miles from their old home in Chesterfield, MI.

The larger facility will allow them to expand their production output and provide for the development of more, new products within the granular activated carbon product base. They coordinated the move extremely well with their suppliers and were able to keep their same shipping schedules for their customers during the move.

D-Mark, Inc. continues to offer the highest quality carbon based filtration filters and components keeping their “customer first” motto always in hand.

For more information on the complete product line please go to our website at:  or call us on our toll-free number at: 800-343-3610.