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19 Feb

Carbon For Removal of Marijuana Odor

Like Marijuana, Carbon has been around for centuries in the form of what we call charcoal. Normally these two products have nothing in common unless you are looking to remove the odor generated by the Marijuana plants that are kept in storage as evidence in Jails and Sheriffs’ offices around the country.

Whether it is placed in sealed bags, boxes or plastic containers. Marijuana plants and processed product give off a distinct odor. It can be pungent but no necessarily unpleasant. However when you have multiple bags or containers of the product in an evidence room the strength of the odor can be significant.

In 1970 D-Mark, Inc. opened its doors in Chesterfield, Michigan producing granular activated carbon filters and materials for use in removing and/or reducing odors and gaseous pollutants. Over the years they have developed some patented processes to put more carbon media per square foot of filter than their competitors. As a result the D-Mark carbon filters remove more of the odor or gases faster and for longer periods of time.

These same carbon filters are used in the removal of odors generated by the Marijuana plants and materials in the above mentioned evidence rooms and they do it very well. D-Marks has been supplying their patented CarbonWeb filters for these applications since 1980. Since their first application in a Florida county jail facility, these carbon filters have been used in evidence rooms around the U.S.

The carbon media filters are usually part of a fan-powered air filtration unit that pull air from the evidence room and then puts it back it after it has been cleaned and the odor is removed. In some cases small amounts of outside filtered air are also brought in through the air filtration unit to add fresh air to a room that is often not well ventilated. This also help the officers and staff who are frequently in that room searching for evidence materials.

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