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24 Dec

Carbon Filtration and Gambling

Los Vegas is the capital ( US ) of the gambling world. The casinos are monuments to the vast amount of money that is spent in that city every day. They are huge, creatively designed and meticulously built to show case the feeling of luxury and wealth.

The casinos still allow smoking in their gambling areas and when you go into these areas you never smell that tell-tale odor of nicotine. This is due to the huge investments the casinos have made in air filtration and odor adsorption systems that are located in the ceilings of each casino area.

Cigarette smoke and it’s associated odors are some of the most difficult to remove. The cotinine is a chemical that comes from the nicotine and it will stick to everything and release the stale cigarette smell for long periods of time. In addition it is somewhat sticky. The filtration systems have special filtering devices to remove this from the air stream and the carbon media used adsorbs the odor. Without these systems the majority of the casinos would be empty.

As more people refrain from smoking the casinos and hotels now have separate wings where all the rooms are for non-smokers. In some cases the entire hotel is non-smoking.

D-Mark Inc. has been making carbon media filters and carbon blends since 1970. They have been involved in removing odors and gaseous pollutants from over 400 organic and inorganic compounds for 46 years and are one of the last remaining companies that specialize only in producing granular activated carbon media. D-Mark uses it’s patented CarbonWeb and OdorGuard technologies to provide carbon filters that have more carbon media per square inch of filter surface area than any other carbon manufacturer in the U.S.

Today, D-Mark is the leader in developing new carbon filers to meet the challenges of the new tech oriented companies. And, after 46 years in the same location it is moving to a new facility in 2017. It has out- grown its current building due to the increase in business and its desire to create new products for its customers.

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