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15 Oct

D-Mark, Inc. New Manufacturing Facilities

D-Mark, Inc, began its journey over 47 years ago residing in the same location in Chesterfield, MI. Their impressive growth over the past 10 years forced them to look for a larger facility that was available and would fit into their plant operations profile. In September D-Mark, Inc made the move to Mt. Clemens, MI. […]

01 Oct

Odor Eaters

Air Cleaner Filters

Foot odor has been around since man started walking and found that putting some type of material under and around their feet helped protect them when walking on anything other than sand. The medieval era saw boots made from animal skins and hard leather with metal posts for keeping them laced up. One would think […]

13 Aug

D-Mark Incorporated

Started in 1970 by Jay Kasmark, D-Mark , Inc. is a highly successful US based manufacturing operation that continues to grow in a market that most would consider old world manufacturing rather than new technology based manufacturing. D-Mark produces a wide line of carbon based products that are used for the removal of odors and […]

08 Jul

D-Mark Inc Is Moving

After 47 years in business in the same building, D-Mark, Inc. has out grown its facilities and located a larger building only 5 miles from it’s original location.  This move will enable D-Mark to continue its excellent customer service reputation and make more products available in a shorter period of time. Please click on the […]

24 Jun

Things Go Better With Carbon

Some advertising slogans stick around for many years and even if they have been replaced by  a newer,  catchy phrase product advertisement.  “Things Go Better With Coke” was around for over 20 years and almost every comedian and public group paraphrased this line for their own purposes. In 1970, D-Mark, Inc.  opened up their doors […]

21 May

The Carbon Filter Specialists

D-Mark, Inc. has been in business selling carbon based products since 1970. Using granular activated carbon as their main component, D-Mark has grown from offering a few different types of filters to an entire product line that includes carbon based filters for the residential, commercial , institutional, industrial and medical markets. “The Carbon Filter Specialists” […]