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24 Jun

Things Go Better With Carbon

Some advertising slogans stick around for many years and even if they have been replaced by  a newer,  catchy phrase product advertisement.  “Things Go Better With Coke” was around for over 20 years and almost every comedian and public group paraphrased this line for their own purposes. In 1970, D-Mark, Inc.  opened up their doors […]

21 May

The Carbon Filter Specialists

D-Mark, Inc. has been in business selling carbon based products since 1970. Using granular activated carbon as their main component, D-Mark has grown from offering a few different types of filters to an entire product line that includes carbon based filters for the residential, commercial , institutional, industrial and medical markets. “The Carbon Filter Specialists” […]

27 Apr

Blended Media For Odor Control

For many issues where the control or odors or gaseous pollutants is required, carbon is the most often used material for reduction and/or removal of those gases. However, there are a number of inorganic materials that are very difficult to remove using just carbon alone. For these types of gaseous pollutants additional blended media for […]

22 Apr

Ring Panel Filters With Carbon

Ring panel filters have been around for over 25 years. Most of them are used in the commercial and industrial markets.  The advantages of using these dual-layer Ring Panel filters  is their dirt holding capacity with lower increase in pressure drop over time than standard single layer filters. And the fact that  these filters have […]

16 Apr

Coconut Shell Carbon

Most carbon media used today for the removal and/or reduction of odors and gaseous pollutants are created from coconut shells. This material is heated to very high temperatures and then ground into very small carbon or charcoal material. This very black material has a very large surface area due to the expansion from the heat. […]