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23 Dec

Dmark Inc. Ahead of the Curve

Dmark Inc. has been in the business of making granular activated carbon media filters and systems for the removal of organic and inorganic odors and gaesous pollutants since 1970. 48 years of being in a specialty niche market business with the same owner and many of the original employees is a testament to Dmark Inc. […]

17 Dec

D Mark Inc. An American Success Story

Started in 1970 by Jay Kasmark, D-Mark, Inc. makes a  non-sexy line of products made from granular activated carbon, or GAC. These commercial grade odor and gasious pollutant removal filers are used in a wide variety of applications. Up to 400 different organic and inorganic compounds in fact. We are all familiar with small companies […]

08 Jul

D-Mark Inc Is Moving

After 47 years in business in the same building, D-Mark, Inc. has out grown its facilities and located a larger building only 5 miles from it’s original location.  This move will enable D-Mark to continue its excellent customer service reputation and make more products available in a shorter period of time. Please click on the […]