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19 Feb

Carbon For Removal of Marijuana Odor

OdorGuard 750 Plus 2" Pad in a Die Cut (case of 6)

Like Marijuana, Carbon has been around for centuries in the form of what we call charcoal. Normally these two products have nothing in common unless you are looking to remove the odor generated by the Marijuana plants that are kept in storage as evidence in Jails and Sheriffs’ offices around the country. Whether it is […]

11 Feb

3D Printing Materials Off Gassing

As more companies, schools, organizations and home owners begin to put 3D Printers into their facilities there is a growing awareness that some of the materials used for 3D Printing may  generate some odors during the printing process. This is due, primarily , to the high temperatures at which most 3D filament ( FDM Printers […]

24 Dec

Carbon Filtration and Gambling

Los Vegas is the capital ( US ) of the gambling world. The casinos are monuments to the vast amount of money that is spent in that city every day. They are huge, creatively designed and meticulously built to show case the feeling of luxury and wealth. The casinos still allow smoking in their gambling […]

27 Nov

Finding The Right Appliance Filter

Dmark, Inc. has been making both Aluminum Mesh and Carbon filters for Range Hoods since 1970. They offer a wide variety of styles and sizes that fit both current and non-current range hoods. Dmark uses it’s patented CarbonWeb materials for all of their Appliance filters and these are used on Ductfree (recirculating) Range Hoods, Bath […]

25 Nov

Ring Panel Filters By Dmark, Inc.

OdorGuard 345 2" Ring Panel Filter

Dmark, Inc. has been in business since 1970 and over that time has developed a number of high performance carbon based and filter media based products to work in almost any application and especially in conjunction with air moving, HVAC and air handlers for buildings of any size. The Ring Panel Filters offered by Dmark […]

23 Nov

Protecting Your Health With Carbon Media

Nothing is more expensive today than health care. The average cost of a one day stay in the hospital is well over $1,000.00 and for ICU up to $10,000.00 a day.  Staying healthy should be your primary concern, getting sick or injured is just not an option. Dmark Inc, based in Chesterfield, MI. has been […]