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27 Apr

Blended Media For Odor Control

For many issues where the control or odors or gaseous pollutants is required, carbon is the most often used material for reduction and/or removal of those gases. However, there are a number of inorganic materials that are very difficult to remove using just carbon alone. For these types of gaseous pollutants additional blended media for […]

22 Apr

Ring Panel Filters With Carbon

Ring panel filters have been around for over 25 years. Most of them are used in the commercial and industrial markets.  The advantages of using these dual-layer Ring Panel filters  is their dirt holding capacity with lower increase in pressure drop over time than standard single layer filters. And the fact that  these filters have […]

16 Apr

Coconut Shell Carbon

Most carbon media used today for the removal and/or reduction of odors and gaseous pollutants are created from coconut shells. This material is heated to very high temperatures and then ground into very small carbon or charcoal material. This very black material has a very large surface area due to the expansion from the heat. […]

19 Feb

Carbon For Removal of Marijuana Odor

OdorGuard 750 Plus 2" Pad in a Die Cut (case of 6)

Like Marijuana, Carbon has been around for centuries in the form of what we call charcoal. Normally these two products have nothing in common unless you are looking to remove the odor generated by the Marijuana plants that are kept in storage as evidence in Jails and Sheriffs’ offices around the country. Whether it is […]

11 Feb

3D Printing Materials Off Gassing

As more companies, schools, organizations and home owners begin to put 3D Printers into their facilities there is a growing awareness that some of the materials used for 3D Printing may  generate some odors during the printing process. This is due, primarily , to the high temperatures at which most 3D filament ( FDM Printers […]

24 Dec

Carbon Filtration and Gambling

Los Vegas is the capital ( US ) of the gambling world. The casinos are monuments to the vast amount of money that is spent in that city every day. They are huge, creatively designed and meticulously built to show case the feeling of luxury and wealth. The casinos still allow smoking in their gambling […]