Our History

Our Mission

To provide a complete line of quality, thin bed adsorptive products for odor and pollution control plus the knowledge to apply them effectively.

Our History

Founded in 1970, D-Mark, Inc.’s original product line was activated carbon range hood filters. From the late 1970s through 1984, D-Mark supplied virtually the entire range hood industry with their patented bonded filters.

However, according to D-Mark’s president, James W. Kasmark, Jr., the development of the CarbonWeb® process and products has been the most interesting project. “The CarbonWeb ‘effort’ contained many challenges and obstacles”, says Kasmark, “but it was truly a learning experience.” Kasmark explained that the CarbonWeb process allows them to produce loadings of from 20 to 1200 grams per square foot of granular carbon, with pressure drops low enough to allow usage in commercial, industrial, and residential air handling systems.

CarbonWeb products are sold as OEM products for appliances, air cleaners and special HVAC applications. US and International Patents have been issued on CarbonWeb Products.

The OdorGuard® product line, first offered in the spring of 1990, allowed D-Mark to expand its customer base, into the HVAC market. This product line resulted from combining prefilters, for particulate removal, with a variety of CarbonWeb products.

For the first time, heavily loaded, interchangeable, combination, carbon filters were available that distributed carbon uniformly and did not allow fines or dust to enter the air stream. They are called by one of our distributors, “the orange filter that works”. Odorguard filters are available thru distributors, private label accounts, select mechanical and service contractors, or directly from D-Mark.

“Our mission is to provide a complete line of thin bed adsorptive products for Odor and Pollution control, plus the knowledge to apply them effectively,” says Kasmark. “We work very closely with our customers to ensure that our products meet their needs and the needs of the ultimate user. We offer technical support and make every effort to supply a quality product to meet our customers’ schedules.

Kasmark, whose background includes over 50 years of experience with activated carbon and air filtration applications, summarizes by saying “I truly enjoy the customer contacts, sales, and product development aspects of our business, whereas the administrative aspects are less enjoyable”.

D-Mark’s products include Panels, Pads, Pleats, Pleat Inserts, Rigid Cells, Ring Panels, CarbonWeb roll media, “Filled” Filters for V-Banks, Bulk Carbon and Filters for Appliances and Air Cleaners.